From Concrete to Digital Poetry: Driving Down the Road of Continuity? A Personal Report from Norway

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In this contribution I discuss my practice as concrete and visual poet with a special mode of creation from paper-based works to digital video-poems. I trace my path through the paper by describing some of my earlier works that built the basis for the concepts behind the animated works svevedikt (2006), LYMS (2009), when (2011), and natyr (2013). My aim is to express my artistic position at the time I visited the E-Poetry Festival in Paris 2007, and thereby entered the “e-lit-family” for the first time.   It is my wish to explain how I experienced the festival in several ways: the relation between the presentation of papers and works, the variety of the works and performances, the impressions of meeting a well-established community, and a comparison between the festival and arrangements in the late sixties from an ideological perspective.  To accomplish this, I will (after a short discussion of terms and contextualization) provide a description of my background as visual artist, and the different sorts of poetry I have created before I entered the electronic literature community in 2007. Then I want to focus on how I was influenced by the festival and the community. Two questions I will answer in this personal report include: Have I experienced my move into digital poetry as a continuum or a discontinuity from my practice as concrete poet? And, how did the e-lit community influence my activities?

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Patricia Tomaszek