ELMCIP Seminar on Electronic Literature Communities

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The first seminar of the ELMCIP Project was held September 20-21, 2010 in Bergen at Landmark Café at the Kunsthall and the University of Bergen. The seminar focused on how different forms of community, based on local, national, language groups, shared cultural practices and interest in particular literary and artistic genres, form and are sustained, particularly electronic literature communities.The program included a day-long public seminar on September 20th at the Landmark Kunsthall, where participants examined specific cultural traditions in electronic literature, include examples from France, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, the USA, the community of interactive fiction, the Poetry beyond Text project in the UK, and others. Participants also heard from organizers of electronic arts and literary communities in Bergen.That evening the recently released documentary on interactive fiction "Get Lamp" was screened, and the audience had the opportunity to discuss the film with its director, Jason Scott. The public program concluded the following evening with readings and demonstrations of electronic literature.

Critical writing presented:

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Case Studies in American Creative Communities Rob Wittig American communities, environmental factors, situation, interpersonal factors, Invisible Seattle
Catalonian Electronic Literature Communities Laura Borràs Castanyer history, Catalonia, communities, vinaros, Barcelona
Digital Literature in France Serge Bouchardon history, france, community, mailing lists, journals, forms, genres, practices
Digital Literature in France (conference presentation) Serge Bouchardon france, history, genre
Discussion of processes and issues for ELMCIP anthology Maria Engberg
Distributed Authorship and Creative Communities Simon Biggs, Penny Travlou
Distributed Authorship and Creative Communities (conference paper) Simon Biggs, Penny Travlou
Dutch digital literature Yra van Dijk
Electronic Literature Publishing in Europe: Sample Cases from Finland Raine Koskimaa publishing
Electronic Literature Publishing in Europe: Sample Cases from Italy Giovanna Di Rosario
From ALAMO to Transitoire Observable: evolution of the French digital literature Philippe Bootz poetry, france, history, Phillippe Bootz, Transitoire Observable
Hypertext Fiction from 1987-1999 Jill Walker Rettberg
Scandinavian Electronic Literature and Communities Hans Kristian Rustad
Supercritical Creativity David M. Berry creativity
The ELO and US Electronic Literature in the 2000s Scott Rettberg literary history, ELO, Electronic Literature Organization, USA, electronic literature, literary institutions
The International Interactive Fiction Community Nick Montfort interactive fiction, community, competition, software
The Poetry Beyond Text Project Andrew Michael Roberts concrete poetry, poetry, vision, cognition
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Jill Walker Rettberg
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