Digital Arena: Electronic Literature Reading Series

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The 2013/2014 Digital Arena Electronic Literature Reading Series
produced by the University of Bergen Digital Culture Program and the Bergen Public Library

Events are streamed at or can be accessed at

Friday, August 9th, 6-9PM -- Creative Collaborations in New Media
An evening of talks, performances and screenings from American authors and artists who produce collaborative, cross-medial narratives in new media, ranging from Netprovs that unfold on Twitter, to video/fiction hybrids that recombine as database narratives, to subversive performances in massively multiplayer online games. Featuring Rob Wittig and Joellyn Rock (Duluth, Minnesota), Roderick Coover (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Sandy Baldwin (Morgantown, Virginia), Scott Rettberg and Jill Walker Rettberg (Bergen).

Monday, August 19th -- 10AM to 4PM, 7-8:30PM -- Visualizing Electronic Literature
This event will be a seminar focused on database visualization the research domain of electronic literature. Featured speakers, including keynote speaker Kurt Fendt, professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT, will address various research aspects of digital humanities databases, information visualization as research and visualization as art practice. During the evening session, artist and author Judd Morrissey, associate professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, will give a performance from his digital literary works, which often involve literary databases, performance, and visualization. Author's site:

Tuesday, September 10th -- 7-9PM -- Machine Libertine
"Our aim is to liberate machines." An evening of performance video poetry produced via a hybrid of human intelligence and the voice of the machine with Natalia Fedorova and Taras Mashtalir (St. Petersburg, Russia). Project site:

Tuesday, October 8th -- 7-9PM -- Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers
A reading and lecture by Karen O'Rourke, artist and MIT Press author (Paris, France). In Walking and Mapping, Karen O’Rourke explores a series of walking/mapping projects by contemporary artists. Some chart “emotional GPS”; some use GPS for creating “datascapes” while others use their legs to do “speculative mapping.” Author's site:

Tuesday, November 12th -- 7-9PM -- Nordic Landscapes and Digital Poetics
A reading of "Väljarna/Elect" and other works of digital fiction and poetry by Johannes Heldén (Stockholm, Sweden). As the editors of the ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature attest, Helden's visually striking works explore "the defamiliarization and double nature of poetic language, in a new media form." Author's site:

Tuesday, December 10th -- 7-9PM -- Ephemeral Migrations
Alexandra Saemmer (Germany/France) produces evocative works such as "Böhmische Dörfer" and "Tramway" that explore the lability of the digital device even as they interrogate the terrain of alternately ephemeral and persistent personal and cultural memory. Author's site:

Tuesday, March 4th 2014--7-9pm--The Phlegmatic Radio Operator
Talan Memmott: From sonnets constructed through Google searches, to decontextualized Wikipedia entries and combinatoric poetry, The Phlegmatic Radio Operator is an exploration of Internet and computationally based writing methods. The performance combines readings of various works with a discussion of the methods and how they connect with digital culture.

Tuesday, April 1st 2014--7-9pm--a yellow y in motion
Ottar Ormstad speaks about his printed works and shows his experimental films. He is known for yellow letters and y's that perform to image and music in motion. The presentation comes along with a lecture "From Print to Kinetic Visual Poetry" by PhD Scholar Patricia Tomaszek (University of Bergen) who demonstrates how Ormstad's print-based work intrinsically implies motion.


The Fall 2014 Digital Arena Electronic Literature Reading Series
produced by the University of Bergen Digital Culture Program and the Bergen Public Library

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