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Scott Rettberg presents collaborative, combinatory films, and an interactive artwork he has produced in collaboration with filmmaker Roderick Coover.

Three Rails Live (2012), a web-based combinatory film developed by Rettberg, Coover, and Nick Montfort, produces new juxtapositions of image and text on each run, delivering narrative fragments from a contemporary story of personal and environmental dissolution sandwiched between “perverbs” that deliver a “moral” to each story.

Toxi•City (2013-14) is a feature-length combinatory climate change film that layers segments of a speculative narrative of life in the toxic environment of the Delaware River Estuary after a series of hurricanes have devastated the landscape with the actual stories of area residents who perished during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project (2014) was developed by Rettberg, Coover, Daria Tsoupikova, and Arthur Nishimoto for the CAVE2™ immersive virtual reality environment at the Electronic Visualization Lab in Chicago. Based on interviews of American soldiers who participated in the torture of detainees in Iraq during early 2000s, Hearts and Minds presents us with difficult personal testimonies and consequences of policies that have left a generation of soldiers scarred with PTSD and memories they would rather forget.

Scott Rettberg is Professor of Digital Culture at the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies at the University of Bergen He is a digital artist and author, working in the fields of electronic literature, combinatory poetry, and film (The Unknown, Kind of Blue, Implementation, Frequency, Three Rails Live, Toxicity).

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Combinatory Cinema (Poster)

Combinatory Cinema by Scott Rettberg

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