Electronic Literature in Public Libraries: Introduction

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From the perspective of Library and Information Science, Belov presents an investigation into curating electronic literature in public libraries. Specifically, he addresses the "Digital Arena Electronic Literature Reading Series" produced by the University of Bergen Digital Culture Program and the Bergen Public Library.

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Within this presentation I will try to explain how Conversation theory by Gordon Pask and concept of Facilitating Knowledge Creation by R. David Lankes can help those working in the libraries as well as their partners to create a more feasible physical and digital space for the members to participate in E-lit knowledge ecology of access, communication, motivation and creation.

Another underdiscussed and long ignored (and painful) topic is the evolution and reconfiguration of digital space for members of the public libraries in light of networked social media environment and technology saturated society. What can we, working in the libraries (not necessarily only librarians), do to make this space more accommodating to the current changing needs of the members and to the emergence of newer types and formats of information and knowledge, less artifact centered, less traditional catalog-fitting, more hybrid, dynamic and socially constructed?

Electronic Literature in Public Libraries: Introduction

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