Digital Arts and Culture 1999 Conference

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28.10.1999 to 30.10.1999
Georgia Tech University Atlanta , GA
United States
Georgia US
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The Second Annual Digital Arts and Culture Conference (DAC '99) will bring artists, media practitioners, scientists, theorists, and members of industry to Atlanta, Georgia to explore established and evolving forms of digital culture.

Keynote speakers and performers at DAC '99 include: Robert Coover, Elliott Peter Earls, N. Katherine Hayles, and Michael Joyce.

Participants in the DAC '99 program include more than 100 scholars, artists, and performers from nearly a dozen countries.

Many of the presentations and performances during DAC '99 were audio- or videotaped for later "webcast" over the Internet (NOTE: files now offline).

(Source: Conference website)

Critical writing presented:

Title Author Tags
Cybertext Narratology Markku Eskelinen cybertext, fiction, narratology, postmodern fiction, Oulipo
Ergodic Characters Gonzalo Frasca character, ergodic, game, narrative, secondary character, user control
Hypermedia, Eternal Life, and The Impermanence Agent Noah Wardrip-Fruin agent, narrrative, impermanence, hypermedia, association, eternal life, mortality, web, user tracking
Intervals and Links: The Indeterminancy of a Link's Possible Future Adrian Miles hypertext, post-cinematic, link, indetermination, cinema
Literary Hypertext: The Passing of the Golden Age Robert Coover poetry, hypertext, fiction, golden age, transition, line
Literary Programming (In the Age of Digital Transliteration) John Cayley practice, programming, inscription, performance, poetry, hypertext, generation, kinetic text, transliteration
Present, tense, ordinary, fiction comma dot calm Michael Joyce fiction
Print Is Flat, Code Is Deep: Rethinking Signification in New Media N. Katherine Hayles media specific analysis, media specificity
The trAce Experience Sue Thomas, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Christy Sheffield Stanford, Janet Holmes collaboration, writing, online. communitiy
Three-Dimensional Dementia: Hypertext Fiction and the Aesthetics of Forgetting Carolyn Guertin dementia, hypertext, fiction, space, forgetting, memory, association, plot
Visualizing Cultures in the Age of Digital Media Roderick Coover representation, film, anthropology, documentary, montage, hypermedia
XpoMOO: Ambient Thresholds, Random Art Cynthia Haynes, Jan Rune Holmevik moo, randomness
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Scott Rettberg
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