The Frontiers between Digital Literature and

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My aim is to show how the frontiers between the various disciplinary spheres are disappearing in the digital world. Therefore, to start with, the basic aspects of what is known as digital art are set out and are compared with the concepts of Roland Barthes on the post-modern text. In this way a relationship is established between the discourses on and digital creation on the Net and theoretical postulates on hypertext and Net.literature. Next the results of this comparative reflection are applied to a visual experience: letting a series of online works speak, grouped together in a particular classification, in order to see whether or not the theoretical model constructed is valid. Finally, I pose questions about this experience by highlighting the implications of the construction of new contexts in real time in the sphere of literary and artistic creation.

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These two characteristics – calculation and interactivity – configure the irrefutable technical novelty of the digital image and give it qualities that no image has ever had up to now. For the first time in the history of figurative techniques, the morphogenesis of texts and images (the creation of forms) and their distribution (diffusion, conservation, reproduction and socialization) depends on the same technology, which profoundly modifies the traditional status of text and image and has direct repercussions for the fields of literature and art.

(Campàs, 2004)

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