Beyond the Screen: Transformations of Literary Structures, Interfaces and Genres

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While literature in computer-based and networked media has so far been experienced by looking at the computer screen and by using keyboard and mouse, nowadays human-machine interactions are organized by considerably more complex interfaces. Consequently, this book focuses on literary processes in interactive installations, locative narratives and immersive environments, in which active engagement and bodily interaction is required from the reader to perceive the literary text. The contributions from internationally renowned scholars analyze how literary structures, interfaces and genres change, and how transitory aesthetic experiences can be documented, archived and edited.


Contents (Critical Writing):

Title Author
"No Preexistent World": On "Natural" and "Artificial" Forms of Poetry Peter Gendolla
A Town as a Novel: An Interactive and Generative Literary Installation in Urban Space Jean-Pierre Balpe
Archivability of Electronic Literature in Context Beat Suter
Beyond Play and Narration: Video Games as Simulations of Self Action Jochen Venus
Beyond the Complex Surface Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Epistemology of Disruptions: Thoughts on the Operative Logic of Media Semantics Ludwig Jäger
Event and Meaning: Reading Interactive Installations in the Light of Art History Roberto Simanowski
Framing Locative Consciousness Francisco J. Ricardo
From Concrete to Digital: The Reconceptualization of Poetic Space Anna Katharina Schaffner
How to Construct the Genre of Digital Poetry: A User Manual Friedrich W. Block
Hyperlinking in 3D Interactive, Multimedia Performances Dene Grigar
Locative Narrative, Literature and Form Jeremy Hight
Memory and Motion: The Body in Electronic Writing Maria Angel, Anna Gibbs
On Reading 300 Works of Electronic Literature: Preliminary Reflections Joseph Tabbi
Reassembling the Literary: Toward a Theoretical Framework for Literary Communication in Computer-Based Media Jörgen Schäfer
RFID: Human Agency and Meaning in Information-Intensive Environments N. Katherine Hayles
The Global Poetic System: A System of Poetic Positioning Laura Borràs Castanyer, Juan B. Gutiérrez
The Gravity of the Leaf: Phenomenologies of Literary Inscription in Media-Constituted Diegetic Worlds John Cayley
The Reader, the Player and the Executable Poetics: Towards a Literature Beyond the Book Giselle Beiguelman
Walk This Way: Mobile Narrative as Composed Experience Rita Raley
Why Digital Literature Has Always Been “Beyond the Screen” Andrew Michael Roberts

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Electronic Literature (DIKULT 203, Fall 2011) Syllabus Davin Heckman 2011

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