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(wot we will hv of wot we r smthing past)

'What we Will' utilises the potential of QuickTime interactive movie formats, particularly its photographic panoramas. This is combined with live-recorded and composed soundscapes which are embedded in the navigable movies. Structuring the piece, there are further layers of dramatic, textual and literal art elements. There is also a more familiar exploration of dramatic potential through human characters, fragmentary personal histories, memories and secrets, all helping to construct a non-linear narrative and emotional structure. As we experience the 24-hour cycle of their day, we are uncertain as to whether any particular moment follows or, rather, proceeds what we have seen before.

Designed for presentation using standard browser technologies over the Web on a broadband link, 'What We Will' provides the user with a configuration of interactive photographic panoramas and topographically associated aural and musical soundscapes in binaural stereo. Apart from navigation around the panoramas - around locations of the city associated with the characters - linked hotspots give access to other related panoramas and secret 'whispers'. The literal and synaesthetic 'whispering' graffiti of the locations and their panoramic surrounds generate a rich affective structure of image, music and text.

(Source: Press Release on project site)


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Navigate the panoramas by clicking down and slowly moving your mouse. When the cursor changes to a globe, click to open a new panorama. Headphones or a stereo sound system are recommended. A complete tour may take up to an hour. Recommended browsers are Firefox and Safari.

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A collaboration with Giles Perring, Douglas Cape, and others.

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Scott Rettberg