Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse

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Art "Buddy" Newkirk has disappeared and left you his literary estate. By the looks of it, he and his friends were a very odd bunch.

You might have enjoyed knowing them. But you don't: why does "Uncle" Buddy think you do? Where is he, anyway? And what does this have to do with Meister Eckhart and the New York City subway?

To find out, you'll have to pop the floppies into your Mac, drop the tapes into your boombox, and get ready to meet Buddy's friends, read his email, listen to his band, and sort out his (very strange) Tarot deck.

(Source: Eastgate catalog description)

Hypercard on computer discs with two casettes, a letter, and photocopied article.

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Hypercard req.

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John McDaid, Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse. Part 1

John McDaid, Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse. Part 2

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