Small Screen Fictions

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Small Screen Fictions is a collection of works that reflect some of the key trends within current electronic literature and digital fiction research. This incudes children’s e-literature, gaming fictions, networked narratives and old/new aesthetics for the small screen. This publication celebrates the lively and diverse forms of digital narrative that e-lit welcomes within its fold, and identifies important trends, tendencies, and overlapping interests as the field continues to evolve.

The various essays in the book analyse the fluid and increasingly dynamic relationship between media, narrative, authors and audiences. Specifically, the shift to small screens including laptops, tablets and mobile phones has reinvented conventions for immersive storytelling. This impacts how users interact with narrative meanings in tangible and intangile ways. These works detail how pervasively digital technologies change the way stories are made, disseminated, consumed, and understood.

Small Screen Fictions 


Part 1: E-Lit for Kids

Part 2: Gaming Fictions

Part 3: Networked Narratives

Part 4: Old/New Aesthetics for the Small Screen

Part 5: Postscript 

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''Thematically, our authors examine the changing cultural and demographic patterns and expectations of engagement with digital narrative; they evaluate the shifting and conflicted roles and power relationships revolving around concepts of co- and fan authorship in narrative creation and construction as well as the economic, cultural, social, and political contexts of authoring and reading networked narratives. ''


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Collected Fictions Jorge Luis Borges
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