Contextualizing the King of Space

Abstract (in English): 

This chapter assesses the science fiction e-literature work King of Space (KoS) by Sara Smith. It includes a brief biography of Smith, a recounting of how KOS came to be written, a list of critical references, and links to:

  • Traversal of the the work by Dene Grigar;
  • An interview with the KOS author Sarah Smith;
  • Social Media Content for KOS;
  • Photos of of KOS materials
  • A critical essay on KOS by Dene Grigar; and
  • Scholarly Resources about KOS.
Pull Quotes: 

"A key example of early pre-web hypertext"

"It is the first work of born digital science fiction"

"Seen through the lens of cultural theory, King of Space carries a strong feminist focus, exploring gender roles and dystopian worlds."

"As an example of one of the earliest published works of electronic literature, it also offers a fascinating study of the material culture that the digital world of cloud technology has left behind."

"All of these issues––the floppy disk, software, and the downturn of Apple computers during the 1990s––all conspired to leave Smith’s novel inaccessible to readers despite its value as important literary and cultural contributions."


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