Faen. Nå har de senket takhøyden igjen. Må huske å kjøpe nye knebeskyttere.

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This is the first HTML adaptation of a short story first published on ten loose sheets of paper in the so-called "envelope novel" Sesam 71  which Bringsværd published with Jon Bing in 1971. The story is told in the form of a cross-referenced dictionary giving definitions of words that describe a dystopic future world where over-population has become so extreme that each story of a house is built so that the ceiling can be lowered as there is need for more room. The title plays upon this, and in translation means something like, "Damn. They just lowered the ceiling height again. Must remember to buy new knee protectors." This is the example given to explain usage of the word "faen" in the dictionary. 

The publication year of 1996 is approximate. A second version was made in 1999 by Marius Watz, and this simple HTML version definitely predates Watz' version.

The original "envelope novel" that the 1971 paper version was part of is part of the Norwegian National Library's digitised collection, and is openly accessible to readers with Norwegian IP addresses.

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Hendene skal være i lommene eller rett ned langs siden. Hånden er knyttet og tommelen vender fremmover. Hvis man ønsker å pendle med armene, skal slik pendling skje fra albuen og med strak overarm. Trafikantene plikter å overholde fartsbestemmelsene. (Se også skomaker og skrittkontroll.)

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The person who adapted the work for HTML is unknown.

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Jill Walker Rettberg