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Format: 2018
Format: 2018
Format: 2018
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Long Weekend Beathe C. Rønning 25.09.2017
Pintando textos Félix Remírez 09.11.2016 game, digital game
Air-B-N-Me Rob Wittig, Mark C. Marino 27.04.2018 netprov
Videopoetry 1 Anna Tolkacheva 07.07.2013
DO IT Serge Bouchardon 11.09.2017 application, android, iOS, interactive narrative
If I Were You I'll Go to the Palace Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 01.10.2017
Зови меня Рабин 29.11.2017 hypertext fiction
Comedy of Errors Mark Amerika 19.06.2014
Soldati Daniela Calisi 27.05.2018
Quem Matou Clarah Averbuck? Clarah Averbuck 29.03.2016 mystery, death, fiction, lies, story, maps
RIMA Julie Vulcan, Ashley Scott 26.10.2017 twitter, fiction, sensors, installation, performance, digital media, temporality, stimulas, memory, physical space, environment, data collection, virtual text, sci-fi, science fiction, sharingplatform
Cunnicornord Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 02.10.2011
A thoroughfare [] beat Across the wilderness Everest Pipkin 13.08.2018 geography, internet, infrastructure, photography, google maps
Сто историй про Ымз и Якст или Загадочная Радость Бытия 30.11.2017
Sign After the X David Clark 01.10.2017 ludic documentary
Poemedia Erin Costello, Aaron Angello 19.02.2012
Prisons: Inside the New America David Matlin 06.12.2017
101, Performance with a Mediapoetry Beads Natalia Fedorova, Taras Mashtalir 07.10.2017 performance, mediapoetry, symbolic, art
DADADATA Hartmut Landwehr 04.07.2013 dada
Tejido de memoria. Memory Waves Marina Zerbarini 19.09.2014 net art, memory, computer graphics
Isopoema Lluís Calvo, Pedro Valdeolmillos 25.09.2017
Robbery World Scott Neal Reilly 29.08.2013 character, AI, text, world
Riviera (Chinese) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 25.09.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
Out My Window: Interactive Views From the Global Highrise 03.12.2015 interactive documentary, international collaboration, participatory journalism, multilingual, photomontage, panoramic
10 Poemes en 4 Dimensions Xavier Malbreil 03.05.2015 visual poetry, animation, animated gif, image and text, epistemology
That Can Be My Next Tweet Anonymous 20.03.2015
Il fiume delle parole Elisa Carlotti 28.06.2013
Mar de versos Félix Remírez 26.07.2014 e-poetry generator, sound, javascript, HTML5
Jongno (Korean) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 25.09.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
The Clown Shaolian Su 07.05.2015 chinese, Flash
VIRU2 Ted Warnell 08.07.2013
Passage Jason Rohrer 03.03.2012 narrative, game
Omphalaskepsis Jay Dillemuth 28.06.2013
Eroica: A Hypermedia Fiction Eugene Garber, Lynn Hassan 22.09.2016 colonization, missionary, racism, anti-Semitism, tribalism, mosaic, narrative, ideology of music, Holocaust, fiction
fallen Jörg Piringer 15.11.2013 visual poetry
Cloak of Darkness Roger Firth 10.11.2016 interactive fiction, authoring system, game, creative language
The verse/ De verso André Vallias 04.05.2015 visual poetics, Brazilian electronic poetry
Tristessa Morten Skogly 13.05.2015 narrative, generative, short story
Untitled #1, for Derek Beaulieu Eric Zboya 18.11.2013
Trois machines de poésie Alexandre Gherban 19.09.2014
The Girl With Skin of Haints and Seraphs D. Fox Harrell 03.07.2013 generated, software-generated text, polymorphic, interactive, race, politics, identity, poetry
Samsung (German) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 25.09.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
Please Don't Thank Me Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 01.10.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
Tisha B'Av David Harris Ebenbach 28.06.2013
Ten Doors Closing Dylan Sheehan 26.10.2017 sharingplatform
Epímone Lluís Calvo, Pedro Valdeolmillos 18.08.2014
Promiscuous Design Jason Nelson 17.10.2017 digital arts, digital poetry, media channels
Tantderêves Pedro Valdeolmillos 25.09.2017
Сонетник (Sonetnik) Dmitry Manin 25.09.2017 collective writing, ergodic/interactivity/participation, literary games hypertext
Porto Alegre Suite: Negritude and Solitude Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries 04.05.2015 flash poem, portuguese, political, race
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