Bare Bones

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Fairy tales have been hijacked throughout history for various uses. Emigrating from one distribution method to another, they have been duplicated, mistranslated, and subverted. It could be that Cinderella is the world's most-told tale. There are thousands of versions, each one colored by the details of local culture, the needs of its audience and the desires of its teller. Buried among the world's heap of Cinder tales, is the Russian version, in its multiple incarnations. Bare Bones is a retelling of this story about a girl and her encounter with the fearsome hag, Baba Yaga.

We identify with this tale through our own experiences of loss, humiliation and enslavement. By reshaping its text, imagery and format, I try to build a bridge for the fairy tale audience between traditional media and digital media. Bare Bones is just one piece of The Vas(i)lisa Project which is more visually and texually complex.

(Source: 2002 State of the Arts gallery)

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Scott Rettberg