Responsive Environments

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This paper introduces the concept of a responsive environ- ment which perceives human behavior and responds with intelligent auditory and visual feedback. Several exhibits of responsive environments, implemented by the author, com- bining computer graphics, video projection and two-way video communication are described. VIDEOPLACE, an evolving exhibit which defines a conceptual telecommuni- cation environment uniting geographically separated people in a common visual experience, is discussed at some length. Based on these examples a new art form of composed man- machine interaction is defined. Finally, practical applica- tions are suggested for the fields of education, psychology and psychotherapy.

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Original publication info: From AFPIS 46 National Computer Conference Proceedings, 423-33. Montvale, NJ: AFIPS Press, 1977. Rpt. in The New Media Reader, 2003.

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For the artist the environment augurs new relationships with his audience and his art.

We are incredibly attuned to the idea that the sole purpose of our technology is to solve problems. It also creates concepts and philosophy. We must more fully explore these aspects of our inventions, because the next generation of technology will speak to us, understand us, and perceive out behavior. IT will enter every home and office and intercede between us and much of the information and experience we receive.

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