Affiliations - Remix and Intervene: Computing Sound and Visual Poetry

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19.07.2017 to 22.07.2017
Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão Porto
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In  this  exhibit,  sound  is  represented  as  an  overarching  medium  connecting  the  artworks displayed. Visitors of the “Affiliations” exhibit will find poetic works that radically explore language and sound. For the curators, sound is one of the fundamental aspects, if not the core, of experimental and digital poetics. Yet, as some writers  and  critics  have  pointed  out  - especially  Chris  Funkhouser,  Hazel  Smith,  and John Barber - sound has not been sufficiently highlighted as a fundamental trait of electronic literature.

The “Affiliations” exhibit presents works that embrace appropriation and remix of older and contemporary pieces - be they merely formalist or politically engaged - as pervasive creative methods in experimental poetics. Furthermore, it suggests that  electronic  literature  can  be  seen  as  a  heterogeneous  field  of  self-reflexive experimentation with the medium, language, sound, code, and space.

At  the  Palacete  dos  Viscondes  de  Balsemão,   connections  between  several  art  forms and movements, ranging from the baroque period to Dada and experimentalism will be underlined. In so doing, the “Affiliations” exhibit will present works printed on paper, composed of sound or generated by computational media. This exhibit  is  divided  into  nuclei  of  practice,  where  works  can  be  independently  or simultaneously read, played, listened to, watched, and remixed.

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Hannah Ackermans
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