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Learning Management Platforms: Notes on Teaching “Taroko Gorge” in a Pandemic Dani Spinosa
Towards a digital poetics James O’Sullivan
The End of Landscape: Holes by Graham Allen Anne Sofia Karhio
Affiliations - Remix and Intervene: Computing Sound and Visual Poetry
Research and Practice in Electronic Poetry in Ireland Anne Sofia Karhio, Jeneen Naji, Michael J. Maguire, James O’Sullivan
Another Kind of Global English Rita Raley
Moving Text in Avant-garde Poetry: Towards a Poetics of Textual Motion Teemu Ikonen
Writing with the Code: A Digital Poetics Søren Bro Pold
'The frame of the sparkling graphics': the window and the screen in contemporary Irish poetry Anne Sofia Karhio
E-CyberDigital Poetry: To Grasp or to Build a Genre Identity through a Term’s Choice? Álvaro Seiça
Une poésie pour tous les langages artistiques : poéticité et lecture numériques Begoña Regueiro
Reading the Drones: Working Towards a Critical Tradition of Interactive Poetry Generation Calum Rodger
Fertile Synthesis: Emotion in Online Digital Poetry
"A Machine Made of Words by a Machine Made of Numbers"- Authorial Presence in Niemi’s Stud Poetry David Boyles
A New Media Reading Strategy Cheryl E. Ball
In[ter]venting Multi-Modal Rhetoric(s)/(a) Poetics of Emergence Talan Memmott
We have never had a mind of our own: A Poetics of the Integrated Circuit Adalaide Morris
Trajectory of Electronic Poetry in Brazil: A Short History Jorge Luiz Antonio
A Crise da Poesia no Brasil, na França, na Europa e em outras latitudes
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