digital poetics

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Interrogating Electronic Literature Talan Memmott, David Thomas Prater
Slow Games, Slow Poems: The Act of Deliberation in "Slow Year" Mark Sample
Alternative Avenues in Digital Poetics and Post-Literary Studies Talan Memmott, Maria Damon, Claire Donato, Chris Funkhouser, Carolyn Guertin, Jeff T. Johnson, Eric Snodgrass, Alan Sondheim
Interview with Pauline Masurel Pauline Masurel, Jim Andrews
Primal Affective Ground and Digital Poetry David Jhave Johnston
Cybertext Poetics: The Critical Landscape of New Media Literary Theory Markku Eskelinen
Pentameters Toward the Dissolution of Certain Vectorialist Relations John Cayley
Review of Digital Art and Meaning: Reading Kinetic Poetry, Text Machines, Mapping Art, and Interactive Installations, by Chris Funkhouser Chris Funkhouser
Screening a Digital Visual Poetics Brian Lennon
Digital Poetry (English 3116) Lori Emerson
Computing Language and Poetry Nick Montfort
Warfare and Conventionality: How avant-garde computer-generated text can be Roberto Simanowski
The Imaginary Solution Craig Douglas Dworkin
Digital poetry: Comparative textual performances in trans-medial spaces Mirona Magearu
Literatura Digital 2010. La Incubadora Laura Borràs Castanyer
Writing to be Found and Writing Readers John Cayley
Mapping E-Lit: Lectura i anàlisi de la literatura digital
Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics Brian Kim Stefans
Close Reading in the Realm of Static and Dynamic Texts Patricia Tomaszek
Kenneth Goldsmith Marcus Boon, Kenneth Goldsmith
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