Digital Scherenschnitte / Video Compositing with Cut-ups and Collage

Abstract (in English): 

Mixed-media artists Joellyn Rock and Alison Aune offer a hands-on visual art workshop on collage, paper-cutting, silhouettes and digital compositing. What does this have to do with electronic literature you ask? Well... In Rock and Aune's multimedia installation, Fish Net Stockings, which will be exhibited at the Hybridity Exhibition at ELO 2015, the little mermaid story unfolds with multivalent versions echoing folk art patterns and digital iterations. Bifurcating imagery, like that made by folding and cutting, plays a role in the aesthetics of the work. Hans Christian Andersen was known for his live scissor writing. His version of scherenschnitte was an improvised performance art with paper cut imagery, integrating the haptic visual experience into his storytelling. Andersen’s cut paper collages anticipate the collage art of dadaism and surrealism, and some e-lit experiments can trace their roots back to these very methods of assemblage. Join us for a playful workshop generating mixed-media collages, paper cuts, silhouettes, and testing their use in digital compositing for video projection. Investigate how to combine imagery in layers in Photoshop and video in final cut for rich digital composites and short animations.

(source: ELO 2015 catalog)

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Hannah Ackermans