ELO 2015 Workshops

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University of Bergen, HF-bygget
Sydnesplassen 7
5007 Bergen
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A one-day workshop series which was part of the ELO 2015 conference in Bergen, Norway.

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Digital Scherenschnitte / Video Compositing with Cut-ups and Collage Alison Aune, Joellyn Rock workshop, mixed media, visual arts, collage, paper-cutting, silhouettes, digital composition, exhibiting electronic literature
Documenting Events and Works in the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base Scott Rettberg, Álvaro Seiça, Patricia Tomaszek workshop, ELMCIP, preservation, archiving, ELO conferences, documentation, practices, libraries, ephemera, ELMCIP Knowledge Base
History of Digital Poetry in France Philippe Bootz, Jonathan Baillehache French digital poetry, ELMCIP, history, documentation
Live Writing Otso Huopaniemi workshop, creative writing, human-computer interaction, speech recognition, improvisation, dramatic writing, misrecognition, technological dysfunction, performative writing
Multimedia Authoring in Scalar Samantha Gorman workshop, digital scholarship, digital platforms, interactive publications, Scalar
Revisiting the Spam Folder: Using 419-fiction for Interactive Storytelling. A Practical Introduction Linda Kronman, Andreas Zingerle interactive narratives, scammers, scambaiters, online fraud, creative storytelling, online privacy, visual representation, networks, persuation, social media, content generation, internet fiction
Sonic Sculpture Taras Mashtalir workhop, ICT, sound sculptures, poetic media performance, public space, city, statues, munuments, sound, sound pollution, sound design, multi-channel, sound composition, aesthetics, urban environment
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Alvaro Seica
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