I Work for the Web: a netprov

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I Work for the Web was a netprov held in April 2015 on Twitter and Facebook. The premise: The "I Work for the Web" campaign, created by RockeHearst Omnipresent Bundlers, asked users to Tweet what it would be like if all their Liking, Following, and Favoriting were their jobs. But not everyone was a happy little link laborer. A movement was brewing. Resistance from the workers led to the founding of a union, The International Web and Facetwite Workers. But then something happened at the Web workers favorite diner Nighthawks the night of April 4th. But what? As the struggle between the burgeoning union movement and the Free corporate web played out, leaders, heroes, and cowards emerged in the form of Web workers of all walks of life from cats to children's toys. I Work for the Web was a reflection on the free labor we provide for the Internet and those who capitalize on it. Players joined by using the #IWFW hashtag or by joining the FB group. Watch the "I Work for the Web" Prezi: https://prezi.com/fjaqyiznrbq8/what-if/ Take Job Placement Quiz: http://www.buzzfeed.com/markcmarino/whats-your-internet-job-as-imagined-... Search the #IWFW hashtag. FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1430683943892069/ IWFW Netprov Featured Players Jean Sramek, Cathy Podeszwa, Davin Heckman, Joellyn Rock, Arianna Gass, Jessica Pressman, Jeremy Hight, James Winchell, Matt Olin, Stuart Moulthrop, Talan Memmott, Philip Wohlstetter, Chris Rodley, Liz Hughes Wiley, Jeff T. Johnson, Claire Donato, Mez Breeze, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Michael J. Maguire, Leo Flores, Ian Clarkson, Jason Farman, Sarah-Anne Joulie, Reed Gaines, Lari Chandler Tanner, Chloe Smith, Amit Ray, Michelle Chihara, Ben Grosser, Skyler Lovelace, Zach Whalen, Jim Brown. These '"featured players" were joined by over 100 students from UM-Duluth, University of Southern California, U of Mary Washington, U of Denver, Rutgers, University of Maryland, San Diego State U, and Weber State University.

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Mark Marino