Modern Language Association Convention 2012

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05.01.2012 to 08.01.2012
Seattle , WA
United States
Washington US
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The 127th MLA annual convention took place in Seattle, Washington. The presidential theme was "Language, Literature, Learning." 

Critical writing presented:

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Better Looking, Close Reading: How Online Fiction Builds Literary-Critical Skills John David Zuern electronic literature, digital fiction, pedagogy, teaching, ethics, close reading, digital textuality, reading-ethics of
Computing Language and Poetry Nick Montfort poetry generator, digital poetics, narrative, computer narrative, interactive fiction, narratology, stanzory
Contrasts and Convergences of Electronic Literature Dene Grigar electronic literature, literary history, literature and technology, interpretation
Early Authors of E-Literature, Platforms of the Past Dene Grigar electronic literature, e-lit, literary history, interfaces, command-line interface, Apple IIe, digital poetics
Getting Started in the Digital Humanities Panel Discussion (ELMCIP) Eric Dean Rasmussen digital humanities, research infrastructure, ELMCIP
Reconfiguring Publishing Carolyn Guertin, Rita Raley publishing, electronic literature, distribution, Electronic Literature Collection
Seven Types of Interface in the Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two Stephanie Strickland, Marjorie C. Luesebrink interface, ELC2, electronic literature, e-lit, embodiment, reading, interpretation
Strange Rain and the Poetics of Motion and Touch Mark Sample digital storytelling, tropes, interface, interpretation, Apple iOS, haptic, motion, touch
Technologies That Describe: Data Visualization and Contemporary Fiction Heather Houser visualization, data visualization, contemporary fiction, prose, narrative, literary studies, interpretation, design, visual culture
The Digital Poem against the Interface Free Lori Emerson interfaces, reading, interpretation, electronic literature, e-poetry, digital poetry, interface free
Toward a Mobile and Geolocative E-Lit Aesthetic: Curatorial Statement for MLA 2012 Exhibit “Electronic Literature” Kathi Inman Berens

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Eric Dean Rasmussen
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