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301. Reconfiguring Publishing

Friday, 6 January, 1:45-3:00 p.m., Grand A Sheraton

An Electronic Roundtable Exhibiting the Future(s) of Publishing

Presiding: Carolyn Guertin, Univ. of Texas, Arlington; William Thompson, Western Illinois Univ.

This session intends not to bury publishing but to raise awareness of its transformations and continuities as it reconfigures itself. New platforms are causing publishers to return to their roots as booksellers while booksellers are once again becoming publishers. Open-access models of publishing are creating new models for content creation and distribution as small print-focused presses are experiencing a renaissance. Come see!

(Source: MLA 2012 Program Abstracts) 

Two Electronic Literature Organization Board Members participated. Caroyn Guertin was one of two presiders, and Rita Rayley presented the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume Two, which she co-edited.

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