Getting Started in the Digital Humanities Panel Discussion (ELMCIP)

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A roundtable discussion featuring seven experts from large digital humanities projects. Panelists were given three minutes to explain, briefly, their current digital humanities project before the moderator asked a series of questions that included variations of the following: How did you move "to the next level" in DH? What challenges have you faced doing DH work? How have you funded your work? The bulk of the discussion was devoted to questions from the audience. 

  • Neil Fraistat (centerNet, Romantic Circles)
  • Laura Mandell (18th Connect)
  • Bethany Nowviskie (DH Answers & Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations)
  • Ken Price (Walt Whitman Archive)
  • Eric Dean Rasmussen (ELMCIP: Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice, Electronic Book Review)
  • Dave Shephard (HyperCities)
  • Ethan Watrall (MSU Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative, Red Land/Black Land)

Rasmussen's presentation began by unpacking the ELMCIP acronymn as a way of explaining how the project, a study of creative communities around the roughly two-decade-old field of electronic liteature, framed itself in a way that would draw upon and be of interest to researchers and students from multiple disciplines across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. 

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Eric Dean Rasmussen