Electronic Literature Reading at the Richard Hugo House

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Richard Hugo House
1634 11th Ave
98122-2419 Seattle , WA
United States
Washington US
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An evening of e-lit readings and performances at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle, Washington. The event was organized as part of the Electronic Literature Exhibition at the 2012 MLA Conference.

Note: The actual line-up at the event different slightly from both the online description of "Readings & Performances" and that in the PDF/printed catalog for the Electronic Literature Exhibition.

Content of 1st video: 1:50 Jason Nelson with PLAY with the last days of DRAG RACING PUPPETS, 8:11 John Cayley with Pentameters for the Disillusion of the Vectoralists, 19:30 Jim Andrews with Seattle Drift, 25:55 Erin Costello & Aaron Angello with Poemedia, 36:38 Ian Bogost with A Slow Year: Game Poems.

Content of 2nd video: 0:01 The Good Fortune Land, 10:45 Stephanie Strickland with The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot, 19:58 Stephanie Strickland and Nick Montfort with Sea and Spar Between, 26:00 Nick Montfort with Taroko Gorge, 29:10 Mark Sample with Takei, George, 31:00 Flourish Klink with Fred & George.

Content of 3rd video: 0:15 Mark Marino with L.A. Flood Project, 15:20 Brian Kim Stefans with Kluge: A Mediation, 24:05 Brian Kim Stefans with Suicide in an Airplane.

Line-up: Jim Andrews, Ian Bogost, John Cayley, Erin Costello, Aaron Angello, Marjorie Luesebrink, Mark Marino, Nick Montfort, Brian Kim Stefans, Stephanie Strickland, Rob Wittig.

Poster: Electronic Literature Reading & Performances at the 2012 MLA



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Eric Dean Rasmussen
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