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Initiated on March 15, 1997, ebr's electropoetics "thread" is devoted to discussions and debates about digital poetics and writing in electronic environments. Most, but not all, of the articles published in ebr about electronic literature and digital literary art appear in this thread. The first editor of electropoetics was Joel Felix, who edited a special issue by that title. David Ciccoricco (2002-2005) and Lori Emerson later served as electropoetics thread editors.

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For many who are committed to working in electronic environments, an electronic "review" might better be named a "retrospective," a mere scholarly commemoration of a phenomenon that is passing. There's a technological subtext to the declining prestige of authors and literary canons. To bring that subtext to the surface will be part of ebr's agenda.

Critical writing published in this series:

Title Author Publisher Year
A New "Gospel of the Three Dimensions": Expanding the Boundaries of Digital Literature in Jörgen Schäfer and Peter Gendolla's Beyond the Screen Lisa Swanstrom Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2011
A Preliminary Poetics for Interactive Drama and Games Michael Mateas Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2004
A Response to "A New 'Gospel of the Three Dimensions'" Marie-Laure Ryan Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2012
Aurature at the End(s) of Electronic Literature John Cayley Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Back to the Book: Tempest and Funkhouser’s Retro Translations Jeneen Naji Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Cybertext Theory: What an English Professor Should Know Before Trying Markku Eskelinen Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2001
Debates in the Digital Humanities formerly known as Humanities Computing Roberto Simanowski, Luciana Gattass Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Digital Ekphrasis and the Uncanny: Toward a Poetics of Augmented Reality Robert Fletcher Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Lit Mods Álvaro Seiça Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2020
Not a case of words: Textual Environments and Multimateriality in Between Page and Screen Élika Ortega Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Processing Words, or Suspended Inscriptions Written with Light Manuel Portela Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2016
Shuffle Literature and the Hand of Fate Zuzana Husárová, Nick Montfort
The End of Landscape: Holes by Graham Allen Anne Sofia Karhio Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2017
Where Are We Now?: Orienteering in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 John David Zuern Electronic Book Review (ebr) 2011
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