Reading, Writing, and Programming E-­Lit, Parts 1 and 2

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Milwaukee
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Wednesday, June 18: Reading and Writing (morning); Programming (afternoon)

Workshop Leaders: Deena Larsen (deenalarsen[at] and Joshua Fisher (admin[at]

This is an all-day event in three parts, consisting of presentations and hands-on activities. The first two parts are intended especially for beginners: anyone who does not have deep familiarity with electronic writing, or wishes to extend or deepen an initial encounter. The third part is meant for both beginners and more experienced members of the community. Participants in workshops taking place earlier in the day may join the afternoon session (Part Three) at no additional charge. Registration is limited to 20 for Parts One and Two, 25 for Part Three; participants are encouraged to bring laptops.

Part One: Reading (one hour)

In this activity, we will be presenting four relatively simple works of electronic writing. We will discuss the use and meaning of sound, motion, imagery, and games --and how the works would not be the same without these essential elements. We will first present the works and then allow folks to play with them.

Part Two: Writing (two hours)

In this activity, we'll ask participants to quickly write about two images (these will be the same images for each group or team of writers--about 2 -4 people per team). We will discuss imagery, placement, montage, sound, and navigation. Then we will "present" each of these planned works as a group to discuss how the same images

Part Three: Programming (three hours, with break)

In this workshop we'll be going through the initial steps of setting up a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Each attendee will leave with a simple poetry chapbook application they will be able to publish to the Apple App Store. Over the two hours we'll be using Photoshop, Corona SDK, and XCode to turn your poetry or stories into an engaging piece of interactive art. No programming experience is necessary however you should have moderate experience using Photoshop. Attendees should bring a thumb drive with their stories and any art they would like to use.

About the Workshop Leaders: DEENA LARSEN is a founding member of the Electronic Literature Organization, author of the hypertext fiction Marble Springs, as well as many other works of experimental poetry and fiction. Larsen has taught introductory courses and workshops on electronic writing throughout the U.S., as well as in Europe, Australia, and South Africa. She is the author of Fun Da Mentals, an online textbook for learning and teaching electronic literature ( JOSHUA FISHER is the author of several works of digital poetry and storytelling currently available as mobile apps, and is the founder of Appoet, a location-based venue for urban poetry based in Chicago ( Fisher has also given many presentations and workshops on electronic publishing and application development.

(Source: ELO 2014 Conference homepage)

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