Remediating the Social introduction

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The proposition that Remediating the Social considers is whether creativity might be considered a property emergent from a multi-modal social apparatus rather than, as is more commonly assumed, an attribute of individual or collective human agency. This proposition has been formulated within the context of an expanded apprehension of individual and collective ontology that considers selfhood, at least in part, as a socially contingent construct and, in this sense, both fascinatingly and idiosyncratically, a creation of the social space from which it emerges and is sustained within. In this context creativity is apprehended as a reflexive property of the inter-agency of social interactions, rather than as an activity concerned with the origination of novel things or a capability invested in an individual or group of individuals.

Remediating the Social seeks to explore this proposition through considering instances of practice that employ digital and networked systems, in their structure and function, and evidence these emergent characteristics in the processes involved in their making.

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Elisabeth Nesheim