LOW Prophet

Description (in English): 

This short video work was filmed in New York in 2000 and involves a plastic owl reading Bill Joy's text "Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us", published in Wired magazine in 2000. The text outlines a dystopian future where humans a rendered obsolete and are replaced by the sentient beings they created. The plastic owl whose sole purpose is to scare pigeons from the rooftop of the house in the west village spins whilst the words are whispered and the pigeons continue to go about their business paying no regard to it.

(Source: Author's Statement)

Screen shots: 
Two pigeons resting on a rooftop, with a plastic owl device staring at the camera from the right.
A close-up shot of the plastic owl, shot from face-on at a downwards angle against a brick wall.

LOW Prophet

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Cecilie Klingenberg