SLSAeu Conference 2021: Literary and Aesthetic Posthumanism

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04.03.2021 to 05.03.2021
University of Bergen Bergen
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"the flows, the systems...the field of flesh": posthuman poetics, material assemblages, and networked cartographies in contemporay irish poetry Anne Karhio posthumanism, posthuman poetics, material assemblages, Irish poetry, Contemporary poetry, non-human, neo-modernism
Approaching the world of an instapoem Camilla Holm posthumanist performativity, instagram, instagram poetry, poetry, posthuman
Catherine Malabou, Anne Carson, and the Plasticity of Inheritance Stephen Dougherty posthumanism, catherine malabou, anne carson, plasticity, philosophy
Contemporary Posterity Malthe Stavning Erslev posthumanism, post-digital, afterdigital, anamorphosis
Fictionality in Critical Posthumanism: Why some Philosophies Need Genres of Invention Tobias Skiveren critical posthumanism, zizek, haraway, anthropocentric, beyond anthropocentric, posthumanism
From the AI Imaginary to Artificial Communication in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora Bruce Clarke posthumanism, AI imaginary, Artificial Communication, Aurora, Kim Stanley Robinson, engineered intelligence, posthuman realism, posthuman machine beings
Habit: posthuman aesthetics from prehuman physiology Alessia Pannese posthumanism, posthuman aesthethics, prehuman, physiological mechanisms, ante litteram posthuman, surrealism, automatic writing, automatic art
Hold the Door: Companion Prosthetics in Game of Thrones Michael Lundblad transhumanism, posthumanism, game of thrones, prosthetics, companion prosthetics, biopolitics
Literary and Aesthetic Posthumanism Matthew Harrison Tedford posthumanism, posthuman aesthethics, indigenous feminist thought, post capitalism, feminism, conemporary indigenous art
Making language: re-writing and control in algorithmic poetics Ana Marques da Silva proxy-writer, functionary, grammalepsy, re-writing, algorithmic poetics, posthumanism, generative poetry, neural networks, posthuman creation
Playing posthumanism? NieR: Automata and the inescapable human Ragnhild Solberg posthumanism, NieR: Automata, videogame, android, interrational assemblage, non human, anthropocentrism, posthuman agency
Reading in the Anthropocene Botond Szemes posthumanism, Anthropocene, climate change, contextualizing combinatorics, diagrammatic reasoning
Reading Through-the-Earth. Towards the Posthuman Aesthet(h)ics Milosz Markiewicz posthumanism, posthuman aesthethics, posthuman ethics, Szczepan Twardoch, Drach, eco-logical reading, novel analysis
Seeking Pleasure in the Confusion of Boundaries: Reading Posthumanism in Children’s Literature Shubhneet Kaur Kharbanda posthumanism, posthumanism in children's literature, critical posthumanism, non human, techno scientific advancements, vital materialism, children's literature
Textual entanglements & entangled texts: On relationality and narrative Dana Bönisch posthumanism, critical posthumanism, entanglement, poetics, Coetzee, Tokarczuk, Richard Powers
The metainterface spectacle Christian Ulrik Andersen, Søren Bro Pold interactive interface, posthumanism, digitization, digital humanities, digital textuality, critical technical practice
The Politics of Web Materiality: Making Electronic Literature in the Capitalocene Alex Saum-Pascual posthumanism, digital posthumanism, Anthropocene, capitaloscene, climate, electronic literature, Braidotti’s posthuman theory
Thoreau’s Radicle Empiricism: Arboreal Encounters and the Posthuman Forest Thomas W. Howard posthumanism, anthropocentric, thoreau, transcendence, radicle empirism, poetry, poetics
Transgression, transcendence and posthumanism in Han Kang’s The Vegetarian Ilana Shiloh posthumanism, transhumanism, taboo, transgression, transcendence, ecological self, Han Kang, intelligent technology, anthropocentrism
Wordlyphagic Literature: For biopoetry to microbiological A.I Diogo Marques posthumanism, wordlyphagic literature, microbiological AI, biopoetry, digital kinetic poetry, transdisciplinarity, Text-organism
Writing as collective assemblages in the age of (post)digital capitalism, or de-colonizing e-literature in the minor key. Anna Nacher posthumanism,  decolonization, electronic literature, e-lit, collective assemblages, neoliberal
‘Doing e-lit’ in print: Plus-Human Codes and the (re)Turn to the Bookbound Clara Chetcuti posthumanism, e-lit, code, plus-human code, electronic literature, generative poetry, generative works
“Haunting” Performance of Nonhumans. A Case of Electricity in the Polish History of Literature Piotr Urbanowicz posthumanism, nonhumans, entanglement, ghost in the machine, electricity as spiritual endeavor
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Cecilie Klingenberg
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