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Human + A.I. poetry.
Generated by a computer. Edited by a human.
05.2017 - 05.2018. One book a month.

A limited edition boxset of 12 poetry books written in one year by digital poet David Jhave Johnston with neural net augmentation. ReRites is accompanied by a book of 8 essays written about the project. Published by Anteism Books, Montreal (2019).

ReRites exhibit format also includes over 120 hours of neural-net text-generation videos, 15 hours of editing videos, and often includes a participatory performance component called ReadingRites.
Installation views.


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ReRites is a poetic intervention to demonstrate a cultural, altruistic, playful use of A.I..

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The ReRites neural network code is adapted from three corporate github-hosted machine-learning libraries: Tensorflow (Google), PyTorch (Facebook), and AWSD (SalesForce). Huge corporations, for profit, mine language for strategic advantage, using their results to sculpt idioms and ideologies and impulses.

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ReRites Limited Edition Hardcover Human +A.I. Poetry Boxset
ReRites Human +A.I. Installation View
ReRites (draft website 2018)
ReRites (draft website 2018)

ReRites : Human + A.I. Poetry Project (2016-2019)

4 Hours of Pytorch Poetry Generation [SILENT 04-03-2017]

29-04-2018 RERITES (writing process 4xspeed)

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