The Real Treasure of Califia in M. D. Coverley’s Novel "Califia"

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M. D. Coverley’s Califia is an interactive, hypertext novel that experiments with multi-vocal storytelling. The first of two major novels by the artist, it was produced in 2000 on the Toolbook 2.0 platform and published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. for the Windows operating system on CD-ROM. It tells the story of three people whose lives, intertwined by various family connections and location, search for the fabled Treasure of Califia. A major theme driving the narrative is The American Dream, or rather the stuff such dreams the three main characters––Augusta Summerville, Kaye Beveridge, and Cal (Calvino) Lugo–think it should be made of rather than what it really ends up to be.

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The treasure she found was not the Califia gold her father had sought so hard to find but the riches found in her family stories, the friends she had made in Kaye and Cal, and comfort of living in the present with acceptance of its past, and willingness to front its future.

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