La Resocialista Internacional

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Multilingual textworks with translations in Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Serbian. Translators: Babelfish( German and French), Portugese: Ana Valdez, Spanish: Isabelle Brison, Serbian: MANIK, Greek: Arelis Eletherios. Based on an original text in Dutch by Judith V. Symbolic English notation: A. Andreas. 2008-2011

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Judith's Dream Light falls haphazardly within the area, the field, on which still rolls the two years old lie, indicating me . Police stops the film of the assassinated man with force. He sings and scratches naked with a microphone on the podium... El sueno de Judith La luz cae erráticamente dentro del área, el campo, en donde todavía rueda la vieja mentira de dos anos todavía me senala. La policía prohibe la filmación del hombre asesinado con fuerza. El canta y arana con un micrófono en el podio...

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