FILE Electronic Language International Festival

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FILE Electronic Language International  Festival

Events arranged by this organization:

Event City Datesort descending Event type Link to edit content
FILE Games Rio 2011 Rio
FILE São Paulo 1a Edição São Paulo 01.07.2000 Festival
FILE São Paulo 2a Edição São Paulo 18.07.2001 Festival
FILE POA 2011 Porto Alegre 26.01.2011 to 27.02.2011 Festival
FILE Rio 2012 Rio de Janeiro 10.04.2012 to 13.05.2012 Festival
FILE SP 2012 São Paulo 17.07.2012 to 19.08.2012 Festival
FILE Festival Internacional de linguagem Eletrônica 18.10.2012 Event Series
FILE TABLET SP 2012 São Paulo 19.10.2012 Exhibition
FILE TABLET Rio Rio de Janeiro 22.10.2012 Exhibition
File Games Rio 2013 Rio de Janeiro 26.03.2013 to 28.04.2013 Festival
Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica (FILE SP 2013) São Paulo 22.07.2013 Festival

People affiliated with this organization:

Name Residency
Paula Perissonotto
São Paulo
Ricardo Barreto
São Paulo , SP
São Paulo BR

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Andreas Maria Jacobs
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