Literature and the Digital Society

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05.10.2011 to 07.10.2011
IUFM site de Gennevilliers, ZAC des Barbanniers Avenue Marcel Paul
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There is no doubt today that computer science impacts strongly on literature. New forms have been created, works are abundant, and dynamic university has built a strong, specific field of research. The complexity of the field requires a multidisciplinary approach involving specialists in literature, communication, hypermedia, and the art.

Along with the development of this field, innovative educational activities to teach this literature are being developed. Thecomputer also offers powerful tools to transcribe and transmit in digital form works originally intended for other media. More generally, the relationship between computers and literature creates social benefits by offering new ways to read and write,a new "being together" around a work.

All these activities have been changing rapidly in recent years and the European workshop "Literature and Digital Society" aims to bring together researchers operating in different contexts and to federate them in a European network.

(Source: Philippe Bootz, Laboratoire Paragraphe)

Critical writing presented:

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Analysing Digital Poetry: A Case Study Philippe Bootz
Digital readings. Reading through images and sound Giovanna Di Rosario
ELiterature Formalization and Pedagogical Implications Fabio De Vivo e-literature, pedagogy, Didactic, Formalization, aesthetic, remediation, mediation, ergodic, interaction
Gestural Manipulation and Digital Poetics Serge Bouchardon figure, manipulation, semiotics
In the Event of Digital Text. Performativity and E-literature. Jerome Fletcher
Making Connections Visible: Building a Knowledge Base for Electronic Literature Scott Rettberg electronic literature, ELMCIP, creativity, cross-referencing, databases, creative community, open access, collaboration, archiving
Memory at work in Michael Joyce's afternoon, a story, Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl, and Mark Amerika's Grammatron Arnaud Regnauld
PO.EX '70-­80: The Electronic Multimodal Repository Rui Torres, Manuel Portela experimental literature, poesia experimental, digital archives, emulation, video poetry, sound poetry, concrete poetry, visual poetry, electronic literature
Remediation as Passage. The example of the French poem Nouvelles Impressions d’Afrique by Raymond Roussel María Inés Laitano
Rhetorics of Media Coupling in the Digital Age Alexandra Saemmer rhetoric, media coupling, iconicity
Technopoetry in Argentina: Routes and Detours Claudia Kozak
The Effects of Software on the Digital Creative Process Odile Farge software, interface, process
The Literary in Network-Based Writing and Reading Practices Jörgen Schäfer
Towards a Multimodal Analysis of da Rimini's Dollspace Maya Zalbidea Paniagua feminism, cyberfeminism, multimodal analysis
Towards a Practice/Theory on Digital Reading Amelia Sanz
Works, Works? Works! Laura Borràs Castanyer
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Scott Rettberg
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