Collaborative Creativity in New Media -- Performance Night

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07.08.2013 to 12.08.2013
University of Bergen Bergen
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About This is a joint course, including students from UiB digital culture or related disciplines, and students from American partner institutions including the University of West Virginia, Temple University and the University of Minnesota at Duluth. The core activity of this course will be collaborative development of creative new media work in the field and the lab. The aim of the course is to provide students with practical hands-on experience in developing multimodal new media artifacts, involving text, image, audio, and video in a creative production environment. The course will further serve as introduction to theories and practices of collaborative creativity in interactive media. The main component of the course will be an intensive weeklong course. Students and faculty from the USA will join University of Bergen Digital Culture students and faculty during this work, and will also work together remotely during the semester to develop, finish, and report on the projects they initiate during the week of face-to-face meetings. Students will use video and still digital cameras and other recording devices to gather source material from the Bergen environment and then work together to develop narrative experiences for the networked computer, employing both multimedia production techniques and distributed networking environments in the creation of collectively authored works. Each team will involve both Americans and Norwegians, and will involve students with different disciplinary backgrounds and skill-sets. The joint meeting will take place from August 7-13, 2013. This course is part of a North American cooperation project funded by SIU: The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education, a public Norwegian agency promoting international cooperation in education and research.(Souce:

Poster for Collaborative Cretivity in New Media Performancee Night


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