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United States
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My name is Tiana Renée Landi. I am senior FMA student here at Temple University. I have an interest in music, fashion, and writing and recently have found a love for foreign languages. I study film and media arts but have a great interest in sound. Besides an interest in film, I also have also studied music for over 10 years. I sing, play flute, piccolo, acoustic guitar and a bit of piano. I enjoy writing as well. I cannot always speak my mind and when I talk I just ramble on and my words do not seem to flow. When I have a pen and paper everything just comes together. I am a very creative person, always looking for new an innovative ways to approach the world around me. With my degree I hope to use what I have learned with film and music and incorporate it all into one collaborative medium. I am also considering continuing my studies as a Russian major. Post I plan on working and spending summer in Europe. I’m really excited to be part of this Norway Exchange Program and look forward to all that will be accomplished.

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Five Days Published on the Web (individual site) 2013
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Tiana Landi
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