Five Days

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This film was created in a very short amount of time during an experimental course in Bergen, Norway.

The assignment consisted of everyone receiving a fictional character who had recently experienced a "strange event" and was sent to Bergen to try and figure out what the root cause was. Each student was put into a group of about four, and it was up to the team to figure out a way to tell a narrative, while still weaving together some very random stories, events, and details. Our group decided on showing our narrative via a film. There are perhaps some gaps in the narrative logic, but perhaps a little character info can help fill those.

Jackson Sullivan: woke up on day on an island in his hometown with strange ruins tattooed onto his arm. He heads to Bergen to decipher them.

David Butler: an older gentlemen possessing the diary of his explorer grandfather. Inside is information regarding Norse ruins...

Aurora Berg: a British spy is doing her best to warn the world of potential harm.

Liam Omar: a scuba diver who notices the strange rise in water levels in the Bergen area. What can it mean?

(Source: Vimeo description by Dane Pedersen)



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