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My name is Nikolai Riis-Johannessen and I’m one of the Digital Culture Bachelorstudents at the University of Bergen. Growing up, I was always told I spent too much time playing around with the computer, so it was a nice surprise to discover there was a university line where this was encouraged behaviour. I find most things interesting, but pressed to narrow it down, I would say I like movies and gaming alot. Lacking in academic credentials I have compiled a list of alternative, and hopefully useful, qualifications: -Capable of reversing and parking a car with a hitched trailer. -Able to, with a 100% accuracy, to pinpoint exactly when a temperature is “just right”. -Know when it’s the batteries and not the remote control itself that needs changing. -Can hear the difference between wheat and barley.

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Five Days Published on the Web (individual site) 2013
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Nikolai Riis-Johannessen
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