Primal Affective Ground and Digital Poetry

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Since the first symbolic scripts emerged, language has always been visual. My own work explores how language's visual can be read both as art and as poetry; how affect is amplified by sound; how generative and combinatorial layouts of text-video-sound open art from linear readings into infinite variations perspectives.
For ELO, I am interested in creating an artist talk that utilizes content derived from two essays on digital poetry written for my comprehensive exams in the summer of 2009. The original essays are entitled: "Affecting Language: interdisciplinary explorations of emotion (new media, neuroscience, phenomenology and poetry)" and "Defining Creative Conduits: mediations on writing in digital media". Since both essays (as take-home exams) were each written over a brief 72 hour span, I look fwd to the opportunity of synthesizing and refining their argument into a presentation format.
(Source: Author proposal)

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Eric Dean Rasmussen