Formalisation d’un modèle fonctionnel de communication à l’aide des technologies numériques appliqué à la création poétique

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This work develops a theoretical model of the communication which is established in e-poetry between an author and a reader by use of two computers. One is used to create the work and the other to read it. The files are transmitted with a CDROM.

We make first a diachronic study of the field. It shows that conceptions gradually evolve. The study of visual forms shows that the mind representation of the system made by the actors are important in this communication.

The model of linked text is purposed. The concept of text depends upon the global representation of the situation for each actor. This model is developed in cognitive and semiotic approaches. The notions of texte-à-voir, texte-écrit and texte-lu are introduced.

The study continues with an analyse of the differences in the running of a program in divers contexts. The communication is understood as the transformation of a running process into another. This is the procedural conception. It is developed in a systemic approach in three models : a psychological model, a functional model of the situation of communication, a global system for the contextual relationship. The principal model of the situation let a particular function, the generation, appear. It inserts between reading and writing. These models permit to explain the properties of the system. They give a frame in which the conceptions of actors can be treated. Graphical transform are used to do this.

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