Voyage Into the Unknown

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On May 25, 1869, you join the crew of one-armed Civil War veteran John Wesley Powell along with eight other fellow veterans, hunters and trappers, in an attempt to be the first to navigate the Colorado River through the vast unmapped maze of canyons in the heart of the Great American Desert. Playing the role of one of the crew members, you are well aware that no European-American has boated the formidable Colorado River -- not, at least, and written about it. Turning inward... this is, perhaps, the final American frontier, a terra incognita. This Flash-based interactive work is constructed using an innovative, sequentially loading horizontally scrolling format in which users travel across fiction and documentary artifact. You will travel across writing modes as well as spaces. Knowledge may lie in traveling among such modes. First comes the adventure, then comes its representation. Much later, comes critical examination, and, perhaps, as a whole, re-invention... The work uses the interactive format to bridge genres and modes of expression.

(Source: Author's description from Electronic Literature Collection, Volume Two)

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