Digital Panoramas and Cinemascapes

Critical Writing
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This presentation looks at how new works using panoramic environments and interactive cinemascapes impact ways visual continuity and contiguity function in narrative contexts. Emphasis is on using panoramic environments that layer video, text and other interactive objects on scrolling landscapes to transgress conventional media differences between language, photography and film. Special consideration will be given to the relationship between browser and museum installation environments. Works discussed includes the author's series "Unknown Territories," including "Journey Into The Unknown," and "Cinemascapes," including "Something That Happened Only Once," as well as works by John Rechy and others.

(Source: Author's abstract, 2008 ELO Conference)

Note: an expanded version of this talk was published in Hyperrhiz as "Taking A Scroll: Text, Image and the Construction of Meaning in a Digital Panorama"

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Scott Rettberg