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TRANS.MISSION [A.DIALOGUE] is a computer-generated dialogue, a literary narrative of generations of transatlantic migration, a performance in the form of a conversation, an encoded discourse propagating across, beyond, and through long-distance communications networks. One JavaScript file sits in one directory on one server attached to a vast network of hubs, routers, switches, and submarine cables through which this one file may be accessed many times from many places by many devices. The mission of this JavaScript is to generate another sort of script. The call “function produce_stories()” produces a response in the browser, a dialogue to be read aloud in three voices: Call, Response, and Interference; or: Strophe, Antistrophe, and Chorus; or Here, There, and Somewhere in Between.

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Begin Transmission.
With a challenge.
What develops from a problem?
Autumn rain on the Atlantic. Fabled cliffs, to tempt them.
Have the necessary plans been tested yet?
The post master general transfers her instructions.
Why couldn't the strangers need supporting tickets?
The families endured eight hours.
Energy levels ran low, or so the reports seem to articulate.

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