ELMCIP Seminar on Digital Poetics and the Present

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09.12.2011 to 10.12.2011
University of Amsterdam Amsterdam
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This seminar is one of the ELMCIP events and is organised by Yra van Dijk at the University of Amsterdam.

In recent years, both criticism and practice of digital literature have created a theoretical basis for the approach of the new artform. Ideas have been brought forward on the historical, contextual and institutional embedding of digital literature. Critics have proposed various ways to analyze the hybrid that digital literature is and have emphasised the necessity of a ‘media-specific analysis’. Now the time has come to look closer at techniques and effects of digital literary works, and at the contemporary contexts in which they are created. Digital literature does not operate in isolation: it is in all respects a contemporary artform. The seminar focusses on this question of digital ‘poetics’, understood as the question to the nature and the value of the work, both in criticism as in practice itself.

In addition to the scholarly presentations during the days, there are evening performance events.

December 9

20.00-22.00: Words in motion. Digital authors from different European countries will present new work.  With JR Carpenter and Jerome Fletcher, Serge Bouchardon, Maria Mencia, K. Michel, Henk van der Waal,  and Tonnus Oosterhoff. 
Location: cultural and political debating center De Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10. Amsterdam. 

December 10

20.00-23.00 Evening show of digital literature: Aesthetic strategies as critical interventions. New work by JR Carpenter, Renee Turner, Andreas Jacobs. Panel hosted by Rita Raley. 
Location: Perdu Theater, Kloveniersburgwal 86.









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Jill Walker Rettberg
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