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RIMA (twitter stream http://twitter.com/squidsilo) is a performance installation and digital media work that conceptually addresses strategies for survival by way of poetically re-framing the facts behind the effects of solitary confinement and isolation into a fictional present/future. Notions around stimulus and memory are played out through the performers movement within the physical space (proximity, sound, touch) and the data collection of distinct environmental changes (cold, hot, light, dark), which trigger strategically placed sensors collated by a computer program. This in turn dispatches a relational virtual text stream delivered to a live webpage and/or twitter feed (twitter fiction). The overall effect is a mimic of real-time thoughts, responses and actions, which over time slowly build into a fictional narrative somewhere between an indistinct present and a sci-fi future. (source: ELO 2015 catalog)

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Hannah Ackermans