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Julie Vulcan is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance, installation, durational and site-responsive work. Alongside her solo practice Julie is a director, facilitator, collaborator and mentor.

Interested in flipping paradigms and questioning the veracity of mediated memory – her work interrogates the motivations behind how we remember, record and re-write our actions, bodies and traces. Duration and repetition are often used as a device to highlight collective and selective memory (loss), while bringing into focus resilience and the fine line between security and fragility. Julie explores the abject alongside the wondrous, ritual and innate wisdom. Notions of the gendered and queer body are inherent within her practice. More recently her work looks forward, experimenting with constructed ideas of future and survival.

Driven by a desire to shine light into difficult places and reflect the macro within the micro, she instigates and encourages audiences to question their own position. Some of her work, subsequently, situates itself in the very personal, soliciting contributions and/or participation from the general public.

Julie’s more solemn works are equally balanced with those that engage subversive or wicked humour – reflected in alter-egos and one–off performances.

Her highly stylised and visual aesthetic appears in urban and regional sites, theatres, galleries, windows, events, clubs, online and sometimes unexpected places.

(source: http://julievulcan.net/about/)

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