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Andy Campbell and Judi Alston’s The Nightingale’s Playground is a digital fiction work that was created with Flash in 2010. The main character is Carl Robertson, who tries to figure out what has happened to his lost high-school friend Alex Nightingale. The piece leads the reader/player through a world experienced from Carl’s perspective. It consists of four individual parts, the first section “Consensus”, an interactive point- and click game that can be played online, downloadable “Consensus II” which transports the reader into a dark 3D flat with text snippets , the “Fieldwork book” is a browser based grungy sketchbook with puzzling notes and the last part is a PDF version of the story.

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Chapters 1 and 3 require Flash Player 9 or higher. Chapter 2 is a download for Mac or PC requiring a strong graphics card. Chapter 3 is available as PDF, ePub or Mobi and compatible with any eReader device.

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Nightingale's Playground

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