digital fiction

"[W]orks of fiction that [are] written for and read on a computer screen that pursues [their] verbal, discursive and/or conceptual complexity through the digital medium, and would lose something of [their] aesthetic and semiotic function if [they] were removed from that medium."
Definition taken from: Bell, Alice, Astrid Ensslin, David Ciccoricco, Hans Kristian Rustad, Jessica Laccetti, and Jessica Pressman. “A [S]Creed for Digital Fiction.” Electronic Book Review, 7 Mar. 2010,

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The Abandoned Library Andy Campbell, Judi Alston
Developing a Choice-Based Digital Fiction for Body Image Bibliotherapy Christine Wilks, Astrid Ensslin, Carla Rice, Sarah Riley, Megan Perram, K. Alysse Bailey, Lauren Munro, Hannah Fowlie
Reading Digital Fiction: From Hypertext to Timeline Roberto Simanowski
Hyperfiction as a Medium for Drifting Times: A Close Reading of the German Hyperfiction Zeit für die Bombe Alexandra Saemmer
Figures of Gestural Manipulation in Digital Fictions Serge Bouchardon
Digital Fiction and the Unnatural Astrid Ensslin, Alice Bell
Open to Construction: reading and writing bodies in digital fiction and the open web platform Christine Wilks, Astrid Ensslin, Carla Rice, Sarah Riley, Megan Perram, Hannah Fowlie, Lauren Munro, Aly Bailey
Walking Simulator Video Games–A New Digital Storytelling Artefact–Transportation, not flow Heidi Colthup
Dyscorpia: Stories in Flesh and Bytes
The Interlocutor in Print and Digital Fiction: Dialogicity, Agency, (De-)Conventionalization Astrid Ensslin
Immersion, Digital Fiction and the Switchboard Metaphor Astrid Ensslin, Alice Bell, Jen Smith, Isabelle van der Bom, Lyle Skains
Mary Rose Natasha Nunn
Not Sold in Stores: The Commercialization Potential of Digital Fiction Lyle Skains
Critical examination of concepts relating to canon, preservation, and access Astrid Ensslin
Virtual Reality Literature: Examples and Potentials Mez Breeze
_Internal Damage Report_ Mez Breeze
Exploring digital fiction as a tool for teenage body image bibliotherapy Astrid Ensslin, Lyle Skains, Sarah Riley
Wallpaper Andy Campbell, Judi Alston
Imersão e Interactividade na Ficção Digital Daniela Côrtes Maduro
All The Delicate Duplicates Mez Breeze, Andy Campbell
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